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Using Elementor

Your website is built using Elementor Page builder which is the most popular page builder plugin available for WordPress. It makes updating your site super easy! Here I will show you how to update all the different parts of your website starting with the Header & Footer of your website.

Header & Footer

There are multiple ways you can update the Header & Footer of your website. If you are logged into the site and browsing any of the pages you should see the standard WordPress admin bar at the very top of your screen.

In the admin bar you should see a link called “Edit with Elementor” which if you hover over it should give you the options to edit the Primary Header or Primary Footer. Selecting either will open it up in the editor and you are ready to make changes which once saved will take affect across your whole site.

Don't see the admin bar?

If you don’t see the admin bar when visiting your site it either means you’re not logged in or it could also be disabled in your profile settings. Either way, you can also update the Header & Footer by logging into the admin area of the website and clicking the Templates menu item in the left side menu and then selecting Theme Builder from the submenu.

You should now see the Primary Header & Primary Footer listed on the right hand site.


Even though the menu is located in the header, to make changes to the menu you will have to login to the backend of wordpress and from the left hand navigation select appearance, and then menus.

From there you will be able to make changes to the menu using the WordPress built-in functionality.


To make changes to any of the pages, if you’re logged in and have the admin bar visible, simply navgiate to the page you want to edit and in the admin bar at the top select Edit with Elementor.

If you don’t have the admin bar available just login to the WordPress backend and from the left hand side menu select Pages.

Now you should see all your available pages. Hover over the page you would like to edit and select the Edit with Elementor link.

Blog Posts

Updating your blog is simple! Once logged into the WordPress backend find Posts from the top of the left hand menu. Unlike pages, you don’t actually have to use Elementor for blog posts, you can just use the basic default editor. Use the main content box for the blog post, and select Set featured image from the bottom right hand side to upload an image to be associated with the post.

After that simply hit Publish to post the blog immediately or set a future date to schedule it for later. That’s it! The blog post template will take care of the rest to make sure your blog looks good and will automatically place the featured image where it should go.

Tracking Codes

To insert Google Analytics/Tag Manger or similar codes such as the facebook tracking pixel, you can easily add them to the HEAD or BODY of the site using Elementors Custom Code panel located in the left hand menu in the backend.

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